This moment is not only a moment of grace for you and your family but also for our entire parish.

Sacramental celebrations are a community’s source of identity as members of Christ’s body and thus are never just private moments. Baptism is also a time for parents to acknowledge their primary role in passing on the faith to their child.

Since baptism is such an important moment for you and our community, we ask that you review the following guide to help you prepare for your child’s baptism. You can then use the contact information at the bottom of the page to get the process started.

Who can be baptized in our Parish

We are more than pleased to baptize any child that will be raised in the Catholic faith.

Families registered at another parish will be asked to provide a letter of consent from their pastor so that the child can be baptized at any one of our parishes.

When do you baptize and how much notice is required?

When do you baptize and how much notice is required?

Please contact the offices for the current Baptism schedules. Several months is recommended.

My child is older. Is that okay?

Children under 7 years old are baptized as infants. We will be happy to baptize children older than 7, but there are some other requirements and practices to consider. We’d be happy to explain this to you.<

How do we prepare for the baptism of our child?

The first step is to contact the parish office. A Baptism coordinator will then contact you and will review the requirements of baptism with you, explain the preparation required, and help you pick a date for the baptism. Once that’s done, there’s a preparation session to attend for the parents and godparents.

What if I am divorced, unmarried, or don’t attend church?

We are always happy to help you connect more fully with the parish, but none of these issues would be a barrier to baptizing your child. All are welcome!

Do I need to have godparents for the child?

Yes. The church requires you to have at least one godparent, but one male and one female is the norm.

They must be at least 16 years of age, and a practicing Catholic who has received the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation.

Is there a cost for baptism?

No. There is absolutely no cost for the baptism. However, many parents offer a free will donation to the parish.

Next Steps

Contact the parish office by phone at 519-253-2493 or email to set up an interview with a Baptism Coordinator.