The needs of each parish church, both maintaining the physical property and the spiritual needs of all parishioners is supported by the generosity of parishioners.

There are several ways that you can support the work of our parish and the day to day operations.

Credit Card

Credit card donations can be made online here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Am I charged a fee to use this service?
    Answer: There is no charge for the individual making the donation. *
  • Can I decide where my donation goes?
    Answer: You can choose from a variety of categories (examples: Sunday Offertory, Restoration, Thanksgiving Appeal, and more.)
  • Will I get a tax receipt?
    Answer: Your donation(s) will be included on your annual charitable donation receipt issued next year.



Coming soon!



If you are attending mass, you can drop it in the basket as you exit.

You can also mail your Sunday envelopes to:

980 Louis Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 1X9